Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Poem-Twilight Moon...

One evening under twilight moon
There woke a young Fairy
She woke to hear great thunder
as she stumbled upon a great pelt
and beheld a wolf
his eyes in the sorrow of love

he'd been abandoned by love
Beseeching his lady, the moon
ever alone as a wolf
Until he found a fairy
to comfort his lonely pelt
when wind is strong as thunder

What drives them is stronger than thunder
What drove them to be is love
Despite his strange pelt
when he was beheld under the moon
this mattered not to the fairy
and mattered not to the wolf

In the past, lonely was the wolf
His pack, was stricken by a silver Thunder
With not a soul left like the Fairy
None who felt the same as love
None but the moon
Who only shined on his pelt.

But who is he without the pelt?
Without his dearest Fae, he's but a wolf
and the wolf means nothing without the moon.
But he cares not, for his love is like thunder
and such lightening couldn't stop his love
for his one and only Fairy

And as for his Fairy?
Does she feel comfort in my pelt?
Is the feeling she returns to me Love?
I am her Wolf.
I feel it for her, the thunder.
and eternally we dance together under the moon.

By Felix Virgil Black

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