Monday, October 27, 2014

What The Wolves Would Always Love To Do

 Befriend Little Red Riding Hood
 Disturb The Three Little Pigs
 Would Prefer To Be A Sheep 
 Interest of Camouflaging

Loves To Write Perhaps

 Sense of Belonging

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Foot Tall Wolf

The Honshū wolf was the world’s smallest known wolf. From nose to tail, it grew to about 35 inches in length and stood about a foot tall. It was said that the Honshū wolf much more closely resembled dogs, coyotes and jackals than its Siberian wolf ancestors due to their short wiry hair and a thin dog-like tail that was rounded at the end, along with their short legs.

Honshu Wolves were abundant in Japan till 1732 when rabies was introduced to the island. It was rabies, deforestation of the wolf's habitat, and conflict with humans that led to the extinction. The last specimen were officially killed in 1905 in Nara perfecture. Although there have been many sightings claimed since then, none of them have been verified. There are five known mounted specimens three in Japan, one in Netherlands and the last officially killed specimen in the British Musem.

Their Carnivorous Aspect In Diet - Could have been the reason of their extinction. They usually feed on wild boars and deers more bigger than them. An interesting fact indeed.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Feeling Of Closeness

You and I,
Me and you,
Standing at crossroads,
Looking beyond.

Together we walk
Together we run
Together we fight,
Together we live.

Hiding beneath each other
Lost in submission,
Out of the woods we find one another,
Our normal disposition.

Our roads cross
Diverge in the middle,
You and I are across,
Solving each our riddle.

We walk together
We run together
We fight together,
We live together.

You and I,
Me and you,
Standing at crossroads,
Looking together. 

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