Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is in the White Wolves? Let me count the ways:

 White Wolves

What is in the White Wolves? Let me count the ways:

Personally a white wolf would appear a little less frightening yes?
When you see white it feels a little touch of humbleness.
There is an idea of angelic aspect perhaps.
Always clean and pure.
Very light in the heart
Gives you a hopeful aura

So these may be coming to your minds and if we missed still many things to mention what about the white wolves, we hope to know it somehow.

Meanwhile a Very Good Day / Night to You All !!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Few Furious Snapshots From Our Dear Friend Wolves

Hello There Dear Wolf Lovers

Could you have imagined if a wolf is at its furious stage? Boy! I guess you won’t take a second and off you will run for your life. Funny but I guess that mode of wolves will shake your knees indeed or lead you to freeze from where you are. And whatever the reasons behind an angry wolf would just leave us the feeling of fear most specially the sound it brings, but for those who knows how to deal with angry wolves nothing is to be feared about, I’m pretty sure they know what exactly to do about this situations, well I bring for you some of these furious images of our dear friend wolves, and looking at them somehow can scare us too isn’t it? Just for fun!, lets see some of their wildest looks, stay with me and take a gaze on some of the few snaps from the said ‘’Angry Wolves’’.

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