Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wolf Lovers

A Brief Description For My Wolf Lovers

Animalia – Chordata – Mammalia – Carnivora – Canidae – Canis
Grey wolf: C. lupus
Mexican wolf: C. l. baileyi; Red wolf: C. rufus.
Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, mainly North America
Skillful hunter with a keen sense of smell, acurate hearing, and great stamina. 26 to 38 inches (66 to 97 cm) high at the shoulder and up to 80 inches (2 m) long, including a 14- to 20-inch (36- to 50-cm) tail. It weighs 60 to 130 pounds (27 to 59 kg). Hunt and live in packs for 8-12 members. Very territorial. Have sharp canine teeth and very strong jaws.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Upon an ancient mountain wild
above the snow-capped pines

she raised up high her star-filled eyes
and sang her song divine

bathed and swathed by cosmic light
her coat shone sleek and fine

the mountains echoed in reply
as she sang her song her song divine

from a far off glen her Alpha came
to swim the rivers wynde

lured by her call he gave his all
as she sang her song divine

over crevice deep, through forest steep
his shadow trailed her sign

on that mountainside 'neath a starlit sky
they sang their song entwined

By Porter

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Did Wolves Ever Really Had A Happy Life?

In the entire life of wolves all over the world it can be visualized that most of them lived a lonely life. Getting rid of them particularly in places where they can be threat to human lives. Such wolves are more multiplying in numbers in places where guns are banned. In some parts of the world they are mostly seen in rural areas and villages more particular in the Sahara Desert and what lies really with this kind of scenario can bring existing worries for those who have them around. Are they really an existing emblem of treachery, ferocity and bloodthirstiness?


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