Saturday, December 17, 2011

* Plea Of A Wolf *

Here is a 'Beautiful Poem' which i like to share for You, set of beautiful words that a wolf would like to be written down and be known. It is from their inner moods that many would not really understand why, and what about the animal feelings. Somethings are for us too to learn that they too have a right to live in this earth we live.

Songs of Triumph,
Songs of despair,
My songs are carried through miles of air.

I cry for my sisters,
I cry for my brothers,
I cry for the deaths of all the others.

Why do you fear me?
What have I done?
I haven't attacked you since life has begun.

My instincts are natural,
I have to obey.
My hunts are native and cannot be swayed.

You need not fear,
The fire in my eyes.
All the tales are nothing but lies.

Please listen to,
What I have to say,
To put all these wars at bay.

There have been times when I have saved you,
I have comforted you and have been your friend.
Now it's me you have to fend.

By Alix

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Good Hope For The Poor Wolf ? Will There Be, Ever ?

"We have doomed the Wolf not for what it is, but for what we have deliberately and mistakenly perceived it to be..the mythologized epitome of a savage, ruthless killer..which is, in reality no more than a reflexed images of ourself." -Farley Mowat

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wolves Poems


Yellow Eyes

We've roamed the wild country
My beautiful yellow eyes,
Side by side we've hunted
Shadows dancing on northern skies.

There have been times of plenty
We were content and serene,
Peacefully sleeping
Dangers few and far between.

We've also known much hunger
Ribs protruding from each side,
Mournfully we howled
When our starving cubs had died.

And then there was our first winter
Romping thru the glistening snow,
Tasting each crystal snowflake
Falling gently to and fro.

Ah my dear, sweet yellow eyes
I've known no greater love,
Without you, I am nothing
Our wild souls are one.

And now you lay there dying
Steel jaws upon your frame,
Life's blood slowly seeping
I whimper your sweet name.

Helpless, I watch you struggle
Chest heaving with labored breath,
Steel jaws clenching tighter
Winds whisper the song of death.

The blood has now stopped flowing
I know the time is near,
And you will forever leave me
My love, my life, my dear.

And now my world is silent
Your struggles now have ceased,
I lay my head upon you
And know you are at peace.

Perhaps your soul has lifted
To skies where eagles soar,
And there you'll greet your brothers
To run with them forever more.

And someday I shall find you
In the heaven's so far above,
And when our wild soul's unite
There'll be no greater love.

by Joan L. Van Vels

Amber Eyes

With amber eyes
he watches.
Over his pack,
his family.
Strong together
as they hunt
for survival.

With angry eyes
he sees.
Fences across land,
men with guns,
and a thrill.
He only kills
to survive.

With sad eyes
he looks.
At sharp traps,
the soft furs
of his pups.
They didn't run
to survive.

So he asks,
why did he

by Rebecca Dupuis



It is midnight... the in between time... between night and day.
The wind is warm and I hear the stream just beyond the tall grass.
You have walked ahead of me, but not too far.
You are my protector.
We stop and sit by the water’s edge.
You lay your head on my thigh and are still.
The night is ours and I stroke your soft fur...
You are my companion.
Soon you stand and walk to the edge of the water to stand on a tall rock
You raise your regal head and sing to the moon
I am awed at the beauty in your song.
You are my soul
We will walk this path together until the time the spirit world calls.
If am first I will wait for you and listen for you to call to me
And if the Creator allows, I will find you...
For you are my... forever.

by Dakota Storm

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meu Novo Blog"Amor Imortal 13"

Olá Amigas!!!
Como podem ver,deixei o Logo do meu novo Blog "Amor Imortal 13",que como o nome indica,é sobre o Sobrenatural em geral,e principalmente,claro está,dos Romances das Series e filmes nossos preferidos!!!
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

by 3 Hawks

Drums pound as gourd rattles shake in rhythm
with the joyous heart of Earth Mother
Spirits of Earth and Sky loudly rejoice
at birthing of new Wolf pups

Tiny new lives beginning in innocence
their eyes closed to what might be
Gently, as the caress of a Butterfly
Wind Spirits stroke their fur

Sleeping pups, dreaming dreams
of ancestors roaming free
Prairies, mountains, valleys, and streams
were once a home they shared with all

Awaken young pups, and grow strong
for yours is not the path of your ancestors
No longer will you roam wild and free
upon this land that was once theirs

For generations you kept balance among creation
and of close family you lead the way
With stealthy swiftness you move
and protect your family as no other

You are great teachers among earth relations
yet many lies have been spoken of you
Each of you is a gift to all that is
yet many two leggeds would not agree

They would destroy all of you and your young
if only they could secretly find you
Wolf, you live in harmony with our Earth Mother
while two leggeds live in selfish greed

You only take that which you need
but humans would take all they can get
You are strong of mind and heart
while two leggeds are weak and ignorant of your way

You are accused of that which you do not do
but such is the way of the human
Yet, there are few two leggeds left
who fight for you and your own

These are the ones who thrill at the sound of your voice
and whose heart longs to see you if only for a moment
Grow strong young wolves
and pray that the ignorant attain wisdom

With sage, sweetgrass, and cedar,
Native people will honor their Wolf cousins
They know of your strong medicine
and the gifts a Great Spirit has given you

Remember your ancestors and all they once had
while giving thanks to those who would fight for you
Walk in beauty upon the soft face of Earth Mother
and perhaps you will once again roam free

..............SOY ASI DE SIMPLE ...............
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