Saturday, January 15, 2011

by 3 Hawks

Drums pound as gourd rattles shake in rhythm
with the joyous heart of Earth Mother
Spirits of Earth and Sky loudly rejoice
at birthing of new Wolf pups

Tiny new lives beginning in innocence
their eyes closed to what might be
Gently, as the caress of a Butterfly
Wind Spirits stroke their fur

Sleeping pups, dreaming dreams
of ancestors roaming free
Prairies, mountains, valleys, and streams
were once a home they shared with all

Awaken young pups, and grow strong
for yours is not the path of your ancestors
No longer will you roam wild and free
upon this land that was once theirs

For generations you kept balance among creation
and of close family you lead the way
With stealthy swiftness you move
and protect your family as no other

You are great teachers among earth relations
yet many lies have been spoken of you
Each of you is a gift to all that is
yet many two leggeds would not agree

They would destroy all of you and your young
if only they could secretly find you
Wolf, you live in harmony with our Earth Mother
while two leggeds live in selfish greed

You only take that which you need
but humans would take all they can get
You are strong of mind and heart
while two leggeds are weak and ignorant of your way

You are accused of that which you do not do
but such is the way of the human
Yet, there are few two leggeds left
who fight for you and your own

These are the ones who thrill at the sound of your voice
and whose heart longs to see you if only for a moment
Grow strong young wolves
and pray that the ignorant attain wisdom

With sage, sweetgrass, and cedar,
Native people will honor their Wolf cousins
They know of your strong medicine
and the gifts a Great Spirit has given you

Remember your ancestors and all they once had
while giving thanks to those who would fight for you
Walk in beauty upon the soft face of Earth Mother
and perhaps you will once again roam free

..............SOY ASI DE SIMPLE ...............

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