Saturday, December 17, 2011

* Plea Of A Wolf *

Here is a 'Beautiful Poem' which i like to share for You, set of beautiful words that a wolf would like to be written down and be known. It is from their inner moods that many would not really understand why, and what about the animal feelings. Somethings are for us too to learn that they too have a right to live in this earth we live.

Songs of Triumph,
Songs of despair,
My songs are carried through miles of air.

I cry for my sisters,
I cry for my brothers,
I cry for the deaths of all the others.

Why do you fear me?
What have I done?
I haven't attacked you since life has begun.

My instincts are natural,
I have to obey.
My hunts are native and cannot be swayed.

You need not fear,
The fire in my eyes.
All the tales are nothing but lies.

Please listen to,
What I have to say,
To put all these wars at bay.

There have been times when I have saved you,
I have comforted you and have been your friend.
Now it's me you have to fend.

By Alix

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