Monday, March 7, 2016

Confused? Who Are the Golden Jackals

Coyotes and Gray Wolves, these are genomwide DNA tested against the dogs, by new study of researchers which is not to be confused of members of Canis Aureus. Some 1.3 million years ago compared with 1.9 million years Eurasian golden jackals. The two groups mitochondrial DNA differs by 6.7%, though the feed on the same prey similar environments, the possibility of having developed nearly identical physical traitsoa process known as parallel evolution. 

A suggested name in biology for these creatures roots, has come to an agreement of Canis Anthus or African golden wolf. Where only a total of around 35 or 36 species  are living right now. If you're that interested you can hide one for yourself of these wolves long as it wears a jackal clothing.  By the way, how their looks are, and don't get confused okay? It has a tiny long slender snout and just a small body. 


  1. This is Awesome. I going to share this with other blogger friends so that they could also participate :)....


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