Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wolves Poems

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Legend of the Mother Wolf

She had wandered the forest for so long
Falling down at the water's edge
Sobbing she feared this was the end
Having just seen her entire tribe killed
The shame over taking her for running
Lacking the courage to stay and fight
Looking up she was eye to eye with a wolf
Cowering in fear, she didn't no what to do
The wolf was injured it laid down across from her
As she reached out lying her hand on it's head
Both their spirits left, she felt herself floating
Hearing a voice telling her she still had to learn
about courage, of love and the meaning of family
She was being given a gift, a last chance to understand
With that she saw a bright light blinding her
When her eyes opened the night was so clear
With a start she realized she was the wolf now
Her injuries had been healed, she was whole again
As the howls pierced the silence she knew the call
Going on instinct she answered the howling
Soon her pack was all around her, they thought she died
The alpha walked up to her greeting his mate
He checked her over, he was worried about the pups in the den
Relief flooded over him as he realized his mate was okay
Having never belong the feelings of love shook her to the core
Following her mate they ran along the river to their home
As soon as she entered the den seven fur balls greeted her
Having never had a mother herself she was unprepared
for the rush of love she felt as she nuzzled her pups
The weeks passed and her love grew, she belonged now
She was learning the true meaning of family
Watching as the pack worked together to meet all their needs
The pups rolling around and playing in the tall grass
One day she heard a scared cry from one of her sons
Running up to the ridge she spotted the bear yards away
Rushing without a moments hesitation she put herself between the two
Standing her ground, she bared her teeth and let out a feral growl
The bear growled right back  and started to charge
She ran towards the bear not letting it get any closer to her son
That she could lose didn't cross her mind at all
Her single thought was to save her child
The pack hearing the ruckus joined in the fight
Running away the bear knew this was one he would lose
Her pups ran to the safety of their mother
as her kisses rained down upon them
That night as she drifted off to sleep, she heard the voice again
It told her that she always had the courage inside her
She had only needed something worth fighting for...

By Tanglednightmare
Wolf Heart

A wolf lives in a pack
united they pick off caribou.
Alone, they falter in the breeze.
Spirited and free
Alive and utterly wild
no looking back hesitantly.
I run with the wind
I race with the eagle
I am untamable.
You call us the monsters
yet you hunt us down
for you games and pleasure.
Race up the rocky path
Simply for the absolute
exhilaration of a challenge.
I fear nothing and no one
there is not a force on the earth
that can hold me down.
Tiny puppy yips echo
the only noise in the night
curled up in each other's warmth.
I am never alone
I can still feel the pack presence
wherever they are.
I am as swift as night
as pure as snow
My grace is rivaled by no one.
My howl is a symphony
vaulting over canyons
my song of life.

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