Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Sweet Howling To All My Wolf Lovers !!

Lover of a Wolf
A brief review from my own opinion on how it is possible for a person who has not in his real life seen one real wolf turned to appreciate wolves. I believe that we human beings somehow have a picture of ourselves with the wolves’ traits. And how one person came to appreciate a wolf without never even seeing one, it is amazing and never absurd at all. 
Sometimes in our lives we can be deeply too mad or can I say too hurt, or probably too hopeless that it can happen that sometimes no matter what we have done to stop these kinds of emotions it is impossible then and so in our dire need to just let go of these all inside, we almost act like wolves in reality, howling for example to the top of our voice, or merely running as wild and as fast as we can, or simply get to be growling angrily inside just as close as the wolves do. 
 Funny and weird but true, and so some quotes and poems were written down for a reminder that we too could be acting like wolves and no doubt at all we can have the ability to perceive what is going on inside of the wolves themselves. Sadly to say that to this time wolves is seen or still been pictured as kind of unwanted creature ever created. If wolves are howling, growling and always seems to be something to get rid of or something untamable its because they we’re created with these traits that do reflects to our own lives. Can’t tell how long this feature of a wolf will stay like this in our times but I hope we get to know them as a beautiful creation too and though it is a frightening thing to do or think let’s get to know deep inside we can be compared with them too hoping that because all of us needs to just learn to accept that we are never too far with the wolves own traits, in times of life challenges, life trials, & the unexpected. 
I suppose many good things have been written down too about wolves feelings and we can pick a lot of them and can even mirror ourselves with them.
Happy Sweet Howling to all My Wolf Lovers..

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